What is a Manager?

A manager is someone who has at least one direct report in Lattice.

What Visibility does a Manager Have?

Managers have visibility into all tools for their direct reports. They can view all past Feedback, Goals, and Reviews from previous managers and will have access to the "Your Team" tab. 

Managers cannot view their direct reports Notes to self, Private notes in 1:1s, or potentially Private Feedback. They also do not have visibility into Updates and 1:1s from previous manager relationships.

What Can a Manager manage?

A manager in Lattice can manage their direct reports 1:1 settings, turn Updates on/off for their team, potentially manage Update settings, approve peers in Reviews, and  share Review feedback with their direct reports.   

How to set up a Manager:

Step 1: On the "Admin" tab of the navigation panel navigate to "People" and search for the individual that you wish to assign a manager to. Click the ellipsis to the right of their name and select "Edit Profile"

Step 2: Select the individual that you would like to manage the particular employee 

Step 3: Save changes 

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