Before you launch a Survey, Lattice will ask you to complete a Data Check to make sure that you are receiving the most accurate Survey results and not missing any crucial data.  User attributes are used to segment your survey results, which are based on employee data as it exists at the time of launch. The Data checks notifies you of any missing User attributes. The steps below will walk you through a Survey Data Check:

Step 1: After you've set up your survey , but before you verify and launch your Survey, you will be brought to the Data Check Step. 

Attributes that are not complete will be highlighted for the user to go back into and fix before launching the survey.

Please note you do not need to fix an attribute before launching your survey, this is only to remind you that a certain attribute is missing.

Step 2: Click into each of the attributes that are missing a value and click Manage People.

Step 3: From your employee list click into the employee's profile that contains the error and enter the attribute that is missing

Alternatively, you can mass export a CSV and complete the missing information in bulk.

Step 4: Go back to the survey and confirm that all of the user attributes are complete and then verify and launch your survey.

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