Happy Friday and first day of February! To kick off the month, let’s take a look at what we’ve been working on over the last few weeks.

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Product Updates for Admins


Auto-inviting Created Users

We’re excited to announce that starting next Wednesday (February 6th), after companies complete implementation with Lattice, we will automatically invite newly created users to Lattice. This fulfills one of our most common feature request and means that companies will no longer have to remember to invite new users after they have been created via HRIS or CSV upload. If this poses any problems for your company, please respond directly to this message and we can turn off this feature for you.

Multiple Department Heads

You can now assign more than one individual to be a department head in Lattice. As a department head, this individual can create department level goals and update the department pages.

To set a department head, go to Admin > People > Departments > click into the department > click on the ellipsis in the top right-hand corner > choose “Set department heads”.

To learn more about setting department heads, click here.

Zenefits Integration 

If you have Zenefits integrated with Lattice, we will sync over any changes to your org chart automatically every evening. In addition to this automatic sync, you can now manually sync any changes you'd like to show in Lattice immediately.

To initiate a manual sync, go to Admin > Integrations > click “Sync”.

To learn more about our Zenefits integration, click here.


Viewing list of peer reviews for responders

When managing peer selection, we wanted to provide you a bit more insight into who has been nominated to review who. So, when you navigate to the Reviewers tab in the peer selection phase, you can now click on the reviewers name to see who nominated them on the right-hand side. 

As a reminder, to easily view those individuals who have been nominated multiple times, you can sort by the “# if peers to review” column.

Auto-launch for automated review cycles

When setting up an automated review cycle, you can now set the review to automatically launch on the date you indicate in the setup flow. You will also indicate how many days you’d like the cycle open for. 

The cycle will be created in Lattice one week before it launches and as an admin, you’ll be notified via email. On the day of launch, the cycle will automatically send out the launch email to all reviewers and the cycle will be active.

For more information on using auto-launch, click here

If for any reason, you need to cancel an upcoming automated review, you can do so by going to Admin > Reviews > click on the ellipsis next to the review cycle name and choose “Delete review cycle”. For more information on deleting automated cycles, click here.

Data check in the review cycle setup flowWhen setting up a review cycle, we've added a new step called "Data check". This step allows you to confirm all your data is correct prior to launching to avoid running into any errors during the cycle. 

This page will surface four warnings:

  • Manager
  • Department
  • Goals
  • Not yet invited

To learn more about correcting any potential warnings, click here


Feedback reporting

A few weeks ago, we released Updates reporting. We are now excited to announce that we have released this functionality for our Feedback tool. To access the reporting, go to Admin > Feedback > Reporting.

A few important aspects for reporting:

  • You can adjust the view of the data by clicking on “Group by”.
  • This also allows you to group by any custom fields that you have created.
  • You can adjust the timeframe of the data by clicking on “Time Range”.
  • Below the graph, you can click on the “+” sign to add/remove items from the group you are looking in.
  • Additionally, you can also click on the group name (ie: Engineering) to make it visible or invisible in the graph.

To read more about our Feedback reporting, click here.

Product Updates for Everyone


Employees requesting 1:1s with their manager

If 1:1s are not enabled for an employee, they can now request a 1:1 with their manager directly in Lattice. To do this, they will click on “Plan next 1:1” on their Your profile and choose “Request a 1:1 with your manager”.

Once they do this, the manager will be notified via email. When the manager logs into Lattice, they will have a task on their dashboard where they can go through the setup flow for that specific direct report.

To learn more about employees requesting 1:1s, click here.

Manager of manager visibility for reviews

If top down visibility is enabled for reviews in your account, then managers of managers will be able to view the reviews for their indirect reports in their reporting line both during and after a review is complete.

To view a review during an active cycle, the manager can navigate to the Lattice profile for the indirect report and will be able to click into the review cycle from the Reviews section on their dashboard.

Hint: an easy way for people to find other Lattice profiles is to use the search bar at the top of the page.

If the review cycle is closed, then the manager can view this by going to Your Team > Reviews > click on "View your org" next to the review cycle name.

Product Refresher for Admins


Deleting 1:1s

As an admin, you can delete 1:1 meetings if needed. To do this, go to Admin > 1:1s > Auditing > search for the 1:1 > choose "Delete 1:".

To learn more about deleting 1:1s as an admin, click here.

Canceling 1:1s on your Google Calendar

If someone has their 1:1s synced to their calendar and they cancel the 1:1 meeting on their calendar, we will only delete the 1:1 in Lattice if the 1:1 agenda has no talking points, comments, or notes. This is intentional, as we don't want to potentially delete something that may be needed. 

We will leave that 1:1 in Lattice and create the next agenda for them moving forward.

For learn more about our Google Calendar integration for 1:1s, click here.

Webinar Update

(Upcoming) Configuring Roles and Permissions

Join us to learn about Lattice's newest functionality, allowing you to configure roles and permissions. If you have an HR Business Partner or a dotted-line manager that you would like to configure in Lattice, we will spend this time walking through how to set up these roles and what it looks like from the user's perspective.

When: February 27th at 9:30am PT
Sign up here!

(Recording) Measuring Employee Engagement with Lattice Surveys

In this webinar, we talked about Lattice's newest product, Engagement. We walked through through creating, launching, and managing an engagement survey. We also showed you how to view and analyze your results. If you missed this, check out the recording here!

(Ongoing) Employee & Manager Lattice Training 

We now offer morning and afternoon sessions (twice a month on Thursday) that provide your managers and employees with everything they need to know about navigating the Lattice platform.

Check out the upcoming times and sign up here!

For a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

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