Once you have stopped working on a goal in Lattice, you will want to mark it complete or incomplete. To do so, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the "You" tab on the navigation panel. Under "Goals" click into the goal that you wish to mark complete.

Step 2: Once inside the goal, click on "Options" and "End this goal"

Step 3:  Select your goal status: "Complete Goal" Or "Mark as Incomplete"

You might want to mark a goal as complete if you've finished progress on the goal or you have made significant progress on the goal.

You might mark a goal as incomplete if you made little to no progress on your goal. 

Things to keep in mind when completing goals:

  • If you have the slack integration and have marked your goal as incomplete, no one will be notified of that change. 
  • Marking a public goal as complete, will notify everyone via Slack when updated.
  • No matter what once you have ended your goal, the goals progress will be preserved. 

*If your company has cascading goals turned on  (parent/child goals) you will also be able to end child goals (key results) of the parent goal at the same time*

Please note: This will not end other child goals down the cascade but it will prompt you to be taken to view them in context:

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