After the Admin has configured the Custom Role, specific permissions can be granted in regards to "Reviews." 

The permissions that can be granted are as follows:

  • Permission to view employee reviews

This permission allows the custom role to view the review cycles that their target group is in. 

Please note: there may be other Reviewees or Reviewers within the review cycle that this custom role does not have visibility into based off their target group.

  • Permission to manage employee reviews 

The permission gives the custom role access into an upcoming, active or ended review cycle that anyone their target group is involved in. This permission gives the custom role Admin privileges within the review cycle for their targeted group. 

In the "Peer Nomination" phase:

  1. Override peer nominations
  2. End the peer nomination phase for everyone (including those that they may not see, outside of their target group)

In the "Reviews" phase, they can:

  1. Add a late Reviewee (that is in their target group)
  2. Send reminders to anyone in their target group
  3. Remove a Reviewee 
  4. Remove a Reviewer
  5. Add a late Reviewer to the cycle
  6. Change scorer
  7. Change summary writer and packet sharer
  8. Reopen scores
  9. Reopen a review
  10. End the review cycle for everyone (including those outside of their target group)
  11. Export Review Results

In the "Share" phase, they can:

  1. Share the packet with their target group
  2. Unshare the packet
  3. Ability to export review data (filtered to view only their target group)

What does this permission look like to the Custom Role?

The employee that is given this Custom Role will see an "Admin" tab in their top navigation bar. By clicking on the "Admin" tab, they will see a "Reviews" section. 

As a reminder, these permissions only apply to the subset of employees that the Admin has selected for the role owner. The role member(s) will not have access into the private information of other employees that fall outside of this subset.

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