The Feedback reporting page will give you a high-level overview of how employees are using and engaging with the Feedback tool.  In this article we will outline who has access to the Feedback Reports, the information that they will have access to, and how to interact with the Reports to pull data for different groups of people.

Who can see the updates reporting tab?

  • Admins will have access to this under their "Admin" page under "Feedback"
  • Managers will have access to this on their "Your Team" page.
  • Managers of Managers will see this on the "Your Team" page.
  • Employees with Custom Role Permissions will see this on their "Admin" page.

What information is available?

There are two metrics that can be seen in the graph at the top of the Reports page: 

  • Given: the Given graph will show you the number of pieces of Feedback given per group over a period of time.
  • Received: the received graph will show you the number of pieces of Feedback received per group over a period of time.

To navigate between these metrics and see the different graphs, click on the metrics above the graph.

When you are viewing a graph, the delta metric at the top compares the change between the previous date range interval and the current date range interval. For example, if you are viewing the last 90 days, the delta is the difference between the metric 180-90 days ago compared to the metric from the last 90 days. If you change the date range to 30 days or 365 it's the same behavior. If your graph is set on All Time, there is not a delta shown. 

Below the graphs you will find a table view of the date in the graph above:

Grouping and Filtering Your Data

When viewing the graphs, you can add more groups by clicking on the “+” sign (Lattice defaults to the first 8 options):

You can also makes group visible or invisible on the graph by clicking on the grouping name:

Here’s more detail on Groupings and Time Range:

  • Group by: you can adjust how your information is being grouped by clicking on the “Group by” filter. Here, you will see a list of all employee fields that are currently in Lattice, including any custom fields that you may have created. (This functionality is not available to managers.)
  • Time range: this allows you to adjust over what period of time you are analyzing the data. You can choose different set timeframes or a custom range.

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