When setting up your review cycle, it is important to make sure that all of your data in Lattice is up to date. To help with this, Lattice has added a data check step to the review cycle creation flow to make sure everything is correct before you launch.

In the data check step Lattice will surface four errors:

  • Manager: These are employees that do not have an org-chart manager at Lattice. The admin will need to complete the manager, submit scores, complete the summary and share the packet for these users. Fix this by editing your employees' managers.
  • Department: These are employees that are not included in a Department in Lattice. If you are using different templates for each department, these employees will fill out your default templates. Fix this by adding your employees to departments.
  • Goals: These employees do not have goals in Lattice. If you are pulling Lattice goals directly into your review templates, there employees will not have questions about any goals. Fix this by creating goals for those employees.
  • Not invite to Lattice: These users have not yet been invited to Lattice and therefore will not get any email communication from Lattice. Fix this by inviting your employees to Lattice.
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