As a direct report, you may want to schedule 1:1 time to meet with your manager. If your manager has not yet turned on your 1:1s tool, you can follow the steps below to request 1:1s: 

Please note: If your company is not currently using the 1:1s tool in Lattice, you will not be able to request 1:1s with your manager.

Step 1: On the top of your "You" page select "Plan next 1:1"

Step 2: Select "Request a 1:1 with your manager"

Step 3:  Your manager will then receive an email notifying them them that you have requested to have your 1:1s in Lattice 

In addition to receiving an email from Lattice, your manager will also have a task on their dashboard asking them to enable 1:1s for you

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