For info on how to set up or use the 1:1 calendar integration, please see this article.

Lattice makes it easy to sync your 1:1's inside the application with the recurring meetings on your Google Apps Calendars. In order to do so, Lattice uses the Google Calendar API’s to request read-only access to calendar data from your Google Apps Account. After integrating your account, whenever you update the timing of a synced event in your calendar, the time will also be updated in Lattice.

Lattice uses Google’s OAuth authentication flow to acquire API access for individual users. The Google Calendar API v3 scopes requested are:

With the above access, Lattice can read a list of calendars and the events on those calendars the user has access to. This includes any calendars shared with the user. Lattice does not store any user calendar information except the API keys needed to access the API’s and individual event references that the user has explicitly linked to a 1:1 in Lattice. Lattice does not have the ability to create, delete, or make any changes to any events on user calendars.

Lattice users can revoke Lattice’s access to calendars at any time in the Googles Apps dashboard.

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