There are four different types of users in Lattice. You can see which employees fall under each type on the "People" page under the "Admin" section of your Lattice profile.

  • All: Includes all users that are either active, invited, or created
  • Active: ¬†Employees with a currently active profile on Lattice. This means they have logged in at least one time and accepted their Lattice invite.
  • Invited: Invited users have been sent an invite but have yet to accept it. They will receive email notifications from Lattice. Once the employee logs into the system at least one time, they will move from the "invited" phase to the "active" phase.
  • Created: Created users will only show in Lattice if created via CSV upload or HRIS sync. They will not receive any emails from Lattice until they've been invited to Lattice!
  • Deactivated: Employees who are deactivated will no longer be able to access their Lattice Accounts. That being said, all historical information will always be saved in the system for these employees.

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