Let's say you want to see survey results for a specific group, but there aren't enough employees in that group to do so. For anonymity purposes, in order to see survey results of a group of employees you'll need at least 3 people. Lattice allows you to create custom attributes to help combine different groups together that may be too small to meet this threshold. For example, lets say the sales and marketing departments each have 2 employees, you might want to group those departments together so you're able to see survey results of the new group.

Here's how to create a survey group:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Admin" tab > under "People" choose "Custom Attributes" > select "Create custom Attribute" 

Step 2: Fill out the "Create new custom attribute" pop-out 

Name the custom attribute > select the visibility > choose "Multiple choice" > type in custom field name i.e. "Sales and Marketing" > repeat for other survey groups > click the "Create custom attribute" button 

Step 3: Put employees into your new custom attribute in the employees' profiles or by CSV upload

Go into the employees profile and choose the survey group from the "Survey Group" dropdown

Or you can download your company CSV to fill out the new attribute and then re-upload

Step 4: Run your survey and then group results by your custom attribute

In this example, we will use the custom attribute of "Office" to group results for the San Francisco, New York, and Dublin offices on our heatmap. Similarly, you could view results for your custom attribute called "Survey Groups" 

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