This article outlines how to use the Lattice Slack app to give, request, and respond to feedback requests. 

To begin using the app in Slack:

  • You can start a direct message with the Lattice App:
  • Or you can navigate to your Apps section in your Slack profile and click on “Lattice” to open the app and begin a direct message:
  • To begin interacting with the Lattice app, type “Help” to get a list of actions you can take:

To give public praise:

  • You will click “Give praise”, enter the name(s) of colleagues you would like to give praise to, and then click on “Write praise”:
  • From here, your public praise will be posted into Lattice and into the public Slack channel (if you have this set up). For more information on setting up the public channel, click here
  • Note: you can still use the custom command “/praise” in your public Slack channel to give public praise. 

For more information on giving public praise in Slack, click here

To give private or manager-only feedback:

  • You will click “Give feedback”, fill out the required fields, and choose at the bottom the level of visibility:
  • Reminder: private feedback can be sent to just the recipient or just the recipient and their manager. You can determine that level of visibility in the Feedback settings in Lattice. To learn more about this, click here.
  • Once the feedback is submitted, the recipient (and their manager if applicable) will receive an email notification and be able to view the feedback in Lattice. 

To request feedback:

  •  Users will click on “Request feedback” and fill out the required fields:
  • Once submitted, the recipient will receive an email notification and task in their Lattice dashboard. Once they have responded to the feedback, the user will receive an email notification and be able to view the feedback in Lattice. 

To respond to feedback requests:

  • Users will see in Slack if they have pending feedback requests. To respond to the request, they will click on “Respond to requests”. From here, the request will populate and you can click on “Give feedback” to respond:
  • Once the submit the request, an email notification will be sent to the recipient (and their manager if applicable). The visibility will always be displayed on the screen before you submit. 

To write a note to self:

  • To leave a note to self, click on “Write private note”. From here, choose the recipient and write the content of the note:
  • Once you submit the note, it will be visible in your Lattice account. 
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