Happy New Year! We want to start by thanking all of you for a great 2018. We are all really looking forward to another great year together. 

To start 2019 off right, we are excited to share our newest product features and upcoming webinars. 

Don't forget that we launched our Customer Referral Program last year. If you have friends that you think will love Lattice, check out the details below!

Product Updates 


Manager Dashboards

We have released our first version of manager dashboards. With these, we are hoping to give managers easier access and more visibility into the data for each tool their direct report is using.

To access the dashboards, your managers will go to their Your Team tab and click into one of the tools on the left-hand side.

From this view, managers can filter between different direct reports and time range. They can also export the data into a CSV. For each of the tools, the manager also has access to an “Individuals” tab, which gives them an overview of metrics.

Our Goals dashboard will be coming soon, along with a lot of other new features for these dashboards! 

Manager of Manager Dashboards

Managers of managers will also now have visibility into their entire team (including indirect reports in their reporting line) through these dashboards. They will have an Individuals tab (which will show all the people in their reporting line), as well as a Managers tab (which will show all the managers that report directly to them).

The visibility that managers of managers have in Lattice is based on the settings around the platform. Here’s a quick reminder of how those are setup:

  • Reviews and Updates: enabled by going to Admin > People > Permissions
  • Feedback: managers of managers can see the public feedback for indirect reports in their reporting
  • Goals: managers of managers will be able to see the public and private feedback for their entire team (once the dashboard is released this quarter)

Product Refresher For Admins


Applying and updating Custom Fields

Once you have created a custom field in Lattice, there are two ways to apply it to employees:

  • CSV upload:

The best way to mass apply a custom field is through a CSV upload. Once you have created the field in Lattice (Admin > People > Custom Fields), you can export a CSV out of Lattice of all your employees. To do this, go to Admin > People > Export CSV.

In the CSV, you will see a new column titled with the name of your new custom field. Next to each person's name, you can assign the fixed value.

When you are done, save the file, and you can re-upload by going to Admin > People > Upload CSV.

To confirm that the custom fields have been applied, you can go into an employee's profile, scroll to the bottom of their profile, and view all custom fields.

  • Directly through an employee's profile:

Once you've created a custom field, you can also apply it (or change it) by going into an employee's profile and navigating to the Custom Fields section. Once you've applied the custom field, make sure to click on "Save".

If you have any questions about using custom fields in Lattice, check out these resources below:

Webinar Update

(Upcoming) What's new in Q4?

Join us to learn about all the new features we released in Q4.

When: Jan 9, 2019 9:30 AM
Sign up here!(Recording) Project Based Reviews

If you missed the chance to join us to learn more about our new project based reviews tool, check out the recording here.

(Recording) Setting up your Annual Performance Review 

To listen as we ran through how to successfully set up your review cycle in Lattice, including all the new features we have launched in 2018, check out the recording here.

(Ongoing) Employee & Manager Lattice Training 

We now offer morning and afternoon sessions (twice a month on Thursday) that provide your managers and employees with everything they need to know about navigating the Lattice platform.

Check out the upcoming times and sign up here

Customer Referral Program

If you have friends you think would love Lattice, make sure to click the link below and refer them over. You both will receive a $100 OpenTable gift card if they sign up.

Lattice Customer Experience

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