As 2018 winds down, we want to take a minute to thank you for all you’ve done to help us grow throughout this year. Most of the product updates that come in these emails every few weeks have been directly influenced by you. 

All of us at Lattice appreciate your constant feedback and depend on it to make sure we are building great things for you! So, let’s take a look at what’s new.

Product Updates For Admins


Rippling Integration

If you use Rippling as your HRIS provider, we now integrate directly with them. To set up the integration with Lattice, go to Admin > Integrations > Rippling.

To learn more about the integration with Rippling, click here.


Set your fiscal year

If your fiscal year starts in any other month than January, you can now set this in Lattice. This will allow you to properly filter and report on your goals based on the appropriate quarters that you work off of. 

To do this, go to Admin > Company > Settings. This is where you can select the starting month of your fiscal year.

To learn more about setting your fiscal year, click here.


Department heads can now edit department pages

Department heads now have the ability to manage their department inside of Lattice, including editing the department name, description, and members. If an individual is a department head in Lattice, they can go to Company > Departments > click into their Department. From here, they will see the icons in the top right-hand corner to edit the department and add members.

To learn more about department head permissions, click here.


Preparing for your Annual Performance Review (e-book)

We just released our new e-book on how to best prepare for your upcoming performance review. It includes writing performance review questions, preparing your managers and employees for employee evaluations, and increasing performance review participation rates.

Check it out here!

Product Refresher For Admins


1:1 Context Panel

A few months ago, we released our 1:1 context panel and we just wanted to send out a quick reminder about it. 

When a 1:1 is happening, we are now bringing in other events from around the Lattice platform into our 1:1 context panel to make it really easy for employees and managers to reference during their meeting.

One great aspect of this tool is that we bring in goal updates that have happened since the employee's prior 1:1. This makes it a very easy talking point to discuss those goal updates during the meeting. It also gives managers the ability to see if their employees are updating their goals in Lattice and encourage them to do so directly in that 1:1 meeting.

We also show recent review cycles, feedback, and any updates submitted. Here's a bit more information on the panel for your team:

Webinar Update

(Upcoming) What's new in Q4?

Join us to learn about all the new features we released in Q4.

When: Jan 9, 2019 9:30 AM
Sign up here!Project Based Reviews

If you missed the chance to join us to learn more about our new project based reviews tool, check out the recording here.

Setting up your Annual Performance Review 

This week we ran through how to successfully set up your review cycle in Lattice, including all the new features we have launched in 2018. If you weren't able to catch it, check out the recording here.

(Ongoing) Employee & Manager Lattice Training 

We now offer morning and afternoon sessions (twice a month on Thursday) that provide your managers and employees with everything they need to know about navigating the Lattice platform.

Check out the upcoming times and sign up here

Customer Referral Program

If you have friends you think would love Lattice, make sure to click the link below and refer them over. You both will receive a $100 OpenTable gift card if they sign up.

Lattice Customer Experience

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