After the Admin has configured the Custom Role, specific permissions can be granted in regards to “Feedback." 

The permissions that can be granted are as follows:

  • Permission to view and delete public and private Feedback
  • Permission to view and delete manager only Feedback

This permission allows the role owner to view and delete the public, private and manager only Feedback given to the subset of employees the Admin has set. The role owner will not have visibility into any “notes to self.” 

What does this permission look like to the Custom Role?

The employee that is given this Custom Role will see an "Admin" tab in their top navigation bar. By clicking on the "Admin" tab, they will see a "Feedback" section. 

As a reminder, these permissions only apply to the subset of employees that the Admin has selected for the role owner. The role member(s) will not have access into the private information of other employees that fall outside of this subset.

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