"Custom relationship" attributes represents a relationship between two people in the organization. This attribute may be valuable for you if there are people outside of a manager-direct report relationship that need visibility into an employee. 

To Create a Custom Relationship:

Step 1: Navigate to the "People" page found on the "Admin" panel

Step 2: Click on the "User Attributes" tab

Step 3: Click on "Create custom attribute" 

From here, you can give your custom attribute a name and decide what kind of attribute it is by choosing "Relationship."

After you have created the custom relationship, you will be taken back to that "User Attributes" page, where you will see that attribute listed (as shown below)

Filling in user data and applying this relationship 

To bulk change the custom attributes of many employees at once, admins can upload a CSV (also from the People page on the Admin Panel) by clicking Upload CSV. In the CSV, be sure to have a column for the custom attribute you want to change, and that all of the values for each employee are a valid option for that custom attribute. To upload an attribute that is a custom relationship, use the email address of that user in Lattice to designate the the relationship in the CSV

To apply the custom attribute manually (without uploading a CSV), first, navigate to the People page in the Admin panel. Second, find that employee you would like to give another employee visibility into, and click on the ellipsis to the right of that employees' name. Lastly, click on "Edit profile" from the dropdown. 

After you have clicked into the employee profile to edit it, you will see the custom relationship you have created listed under "Custom Attributes". Here, you can add the employee you would like to grant visibility to. For example, if I want to give Joseph Stone dotted line manager visibility into Preston's profile, I will want to 1) click in to edit Preston's profile, and then 2) add Joseph's name under the "Dotted Line Manager" custom attribute I created.

Adding User Attributes to Your Profile

You can now input your user attributes into your profile as an employee. To do this, navigate to your "You" panel and click into your photo at the top right of the navigation bar and select "Settings". 

Within your profile, scroll down and add your user attributes. 

Note: Some user attributes need to be configured by your admin. These are denoted by a lock icon to the right of the attribute. 

For more information on what visibility this gives, check out this help center article

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