As the head of a department, you will be able to manage your department's settings, including updating the department name, description and members. 

To navigate to your department, click on "Company" at the top of the navigation bar and the "Departments" on the secondary navigation menu.

From there, click on your department to see the department profile page. 

On the department profile page, you'll find the department level goals,  members of each department and their individual goals.

Adding an Employee to a Department

Step 1: Click "+ Add a member"

Step 2: In the search box that appears start typing the employee's name and select the proper employee from the dropdown

Step 3: Click "Confirm"

Editing the Department Name and/or Description 

Step 1: Click on the button with the "..." in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select "Edit" from the dropdown menu

Step 3: Enter the name and description of your department

Step 4: Click "Save changes"

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