Happy Friday! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday last week. 

To kick things off, we wanted to make sure that you heard about our new Project Based Reviews tool that we released yesterday. 

We are hosting a webinar session next Tuesday, December 4th at 1pm PTto walk through the tool in more detail. To sign up, click here. If you can’t attend, no problem - sign up anyways and we will send you a recording afterward!

Product Updates For Admins


Ability to skip "You've been added as a Reviewer" email

When adjusting reviewers during the review cycle, you can now choose to bypass the email notification that goes out to those individuals notifying them that they’ve been added.

To choose to have the email not sent, un-check the box listed below their name when in the review cycle:

Managers can end peer selecting during automation

When running an automated review with peer selection, managers can now end the peer selection phase once they are done choosing or approving peer nominations for their direct reports.

When they enter into the cycle to take that action, they will now see an “End peer selection” button. When they press this, it will end peer selection and immediately launch into the review cycle.

To read more about this feature, click here.


Ability to hide the org chart

If you’d like to hide the org chart feature in Lattice, you can now do so by going to Admin > Company > Settings > toggle off “Display Org Chart”. 

Here's a bit more information on this.

Product Refresher For Admins


Top down visibility throughout Lattice

Here's a quick recap on top-down (manager of manager) visibility throughout the Lattice platform:

  • Goals: automatic top-down visibility for private goals
  • Updates and Reviews: can be enabled by going to Admin > Permissions > checking the boxes next to each tool

Manager visibility throughout Lattice

What managers can see for their direct reports:

  • 1:1s scheduled with their direct report
  • Updates submitted to them but their direct report
  • All public and private goals
  • All public feedback
  • Only private feedback if the visibility setting is enabled in feedback settings 
  • All notes to self left by them about their direct report
  • All review cycles that the direct report has been a part of in Lattice

What managers cannot see in Lattice for their direct reports:

  • Previous 1:1s that their direct reports have had with other managers 
  • Previous Updates submitted to their prior manager
  • Notes to self left by other employees about their direct report

Webinar Update

(Upcoming) Project Based Reviews

Learn more about our latest release, Project-based Reviews! This feature will help our customers at flat/matrix organizations, or who work frequently on project teams (i.e. cross-functional teams, agencies, consulting firms, etc.) run performance reviews outside of the traditional org chart.

When: December 4th at 1pm PT
Sign up here!

(Upcoming) Setting up your Annual Performance Review 

We had such a great turnout during our previous webinar about setting up your review cycle, that we have decided to do it again. If you'd like to attend this webinar live, please join us using the details below. 

When: December 12th at 9:30am PT
Sign up here!

(Ongoing) Employee & Manager Lattice Training 

We now offer morning and afternoon sessions (twice a month on Thursday) that provide your managers and employees with everything they need to know about navigating the Lattice platform.

Check out the upcoming times and sign up here

Customer Referral Program

If you have friends you think would love Lattice, make sure to click the link below and refer them over. You both will receive a $100 OpenTable gift card if they sign up.

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