To upload individual historical Goals into Lattice, you can do so by uploading a CSV. This will upload Goals with the associated employee using that employee's unique email address as an identifier. 

Please note: If anything in the CSV does not match or if there is any error, none of these historical Goals will be uploaded into the system. You will have to double-check the CSV and re-upload accordingly. 

Step 1: Under Goal "Settings" in the Admin panel, click "Upload Goals" in the historical goal section

Step 2: Download the template
This template will help you format your Goals correctly and upload these historical Goals into Lattice.

The template you re-upload into Lattice must follow these requirements: 

  • The email address for the Goal owner must match the current email address for the user within Lattice. 
  • The "state" of the Goal must be "incomplete" or "complete". 
  • The "type" of Goal must be "binary", "digit", "dollar", or "percent".
  • If "digit", "dollar", or "percent", the goal must have starting amount, progress amount and goal amount.
  • Private must be either "true" or "false". Private Goals are visible only to the owner and their manager. Public Goals are visible company-wide.
  • Dates must be in ISO 8601 formatting (YYYY-MM-DD). 
  • Key results will need to be included as separate goals.

Step 3: Re-upload your formatted CSV

Editing Historical Goals

Once a historical goal is uploaded, reactivate the goal within Lattice to edit.

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