In project-based roles, where employees spend considerable time working on project teams, incorporating a performance review process helps organizations assess for performance within that project unit. Lattice allows project teams to conduct insular performance review cycles, outside of the traditional reporting relationship framework.

To run a project-based review, you will first need to enable this feature by following the steps in this help center article. Once you have done this, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Admin" panel
Step 2: Click on "Reviews" on the lefthand panel
Step 3: Click to "Create new cycle"

Step 4: Select the "Project-based review" type
Here, you will have the option to launch a classic style performance review, or a project-based review.

Conducting a Project-based Review with a Project Lead

If the project team includes a project lead, you may want to conduct a full 360 review where:

  1.  The project lead gives Downward Feedback (reviews the team members)
  2. Team members give Upward Feedback (review their project lead)
  3. All team members review each other (peer review each other)

To set up this type of project-based review, search and select the team leader.
Please note: This team leader will act as these team members manager in this review cycle. The org chart manager for each team member will still have visibility into the review for their direct report, but they will not be able to take action. The individual you select as the team lead will have also have manager visibility for all current Reviewees.

Then, add all of the project team members.

Conducting a Project-based Review without a Team Lead

If there is no project lead, you may want to conduct a project-based review that does not include this team lead. In this review: 

  1. Team members can review themselves (self-review) 
  2. Team members each review each other (peer feedback). 

To set up this type of review cycle, select "No, this project based review is for peer and/or self feedback only" and then add all team members.

Then, add all team members.

The next stages of project-based review cycle set up is very similar to that of the classic review cycle! All you have to do is select templates, choose what you want to share with each team member in the review packet (Deliverables), and if you want the review cycle to be on a custom or timeline sequence. 

Please note: project-based reviews are insular. Additional peer reviewers cannot be added. 

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