After a review cycle ends, managers can write their summaries and share performance review feedback with their direct reports. Follow the steps below to re-open the manager summary and un-share the review packet if changes need to be made.

Please note, if your review cycle does not include a summary you will still follow the same steps to un-share review packets.

Step 1: Click into the Review Cycle from the Reviews Auditing page

Step 2: Find the Reviewee that needs to have their packet recalled 

Step 3: Click the "..." to the far right of the Reviewee's name, and then select 'Unshare reviewee packet" from the drop-down menu (shown below)

After clicking "Unshare reviewee packet" the reviewee will lose access to their review results, and their manager will be able to edit and re-share their post-review summary (if applicable).  

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