In a review cycle, a manager may want to change the scores given to an employee after they have already completed their review. Follow the steps below to re-open scores for a manager.

Step 1: Click into the review cycle from the Reviews Auditing page

Step 2: Find the Reviewee that needs to be re-scored

Step 3: Click the "..." button to the far right of the Reviewee's name, and then select "Reopen scores" from the drop-down menu (shown below)

Note: You can re-open scores from the "Reviews", "Scores", or "Share" (headings on the left) stages of a review cycle.

After clicking "Reopen scores", the manager or attribute scorer for the reviewee will be able to change their scored attribute values.  They will not be able to edit any of their other feedback unless you follow the steps to re-open the reviewee and/or submitted review.  

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