As you create review templates, you may want to add additional instructions to clarify how you would like these questions to be answered by reviewers. 

What Instructions Should I Add? 

This is a great spot to put the following information:

  • The basic timeline of the review cycle! Specifically, how much time you are giving the reviewer to write and a rough estimate of how much time the reviewer should spend on this specific review. For example, peer reviews may have less questions than a self review and therefore, may require less time to answer. (Note: If you add specific dates, you will need to duplicate and edit the instructions for the next cycle.)
  • Guidelines as to what the review feedback should focus on. For example, self evaluations may focus on personal accomplishments and future goals, while peer reviews may focus solely on project work. 
  • Feedback tips! This may be an employee's first time giving feedback. It may be helpful to provide tips and examples as to how to give review feedback well. For example, "when providing feedback, follow these tricks: be specific (use examples), name the importance (explain why this matters), and make it actionable (provide a potential solution moving forward)."
  • Optional: If the questions have a rating scale you may also want to break down examples for the rating scale at the top (for example, specific examples of what demonstrates a “3” vs a “4”). 
  • Optional: External links to documents. If you have important documents you want people to reference as they're writing the review (the performance rating scale is linked out, company mission/values, etc) you can link this out here!

How to Add Instructions (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: After naming your template, click "Add instructions for reviewers"

This will open up a text box, where you can add this information.

Step 2: Write your instructions in the text box

If you have any questions in regards to creating or editing review templates, you can check out all of our help center articles here

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