As a Lattice user, you may have 1:1s with multiple people. In order to quickly navigate between 1:1s, simply click on the dropdown arrow next to the employee name in the top left corner of the screen and select which 1:1 meeting you would like to view.

Step 1: Click on the dropdown arrow.

Step 2: Select the 1:1 you would like to view.

You can have a 1:1 relationship with any other employee in your company's Lattice account.  Inevitably, some people will cease to meet as work relationships change, someone leaves the company, or two people simply chose to stop meeting. However, you may want to reference talking points and notes that you have had from your prior 1:1s.  The good news is you will still be able to!

Once you have disconnected a 1:1 it will still be present in your 1:1 dropdown menu but will be presented with an "inactive" badge.

Note that they will be displayed at the bottom of any active 1:1s in their respective sections.

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