As you know, we are building quickly over here! We are excited to share what we’ve been working on over the last few months. 

First, we are excited to announce that we will now be communicating to administrators on a daily basis about the new features we are launching in Lattice. You will be able to view these in your toolbar next to the Lattice logo. From here, you can click into the announcement to read more about it.


Goal Priorities

We released the ability for you to add priorities to goals. This will allow an employee to organize their goals when they log into Lattice with the most important at top. This will also allow you to prioritize company and department goals on the public goals page. 

When creating a goal, you will see an optional priority field towards the bottom of the goal creation box. 

On the employee profile page, you will now see your goals listed in the order that you prioritize them. 

Default visibility for goal settings

When creating an individual goal, you can either set the goal to public or private. Now, administrators have the ability to choose what that default goal setting is. 

To do this, go to Admin > Goals > Settings. From here, there will be the option to select the default goal visibility for your employees.


Managers can request feedback about their direct reports

Employees can request private feedback about themselves and now, managers can request private feedback about their direct reports. This feedback will always be private and can only be seen by the manager and the individual providing the feedback. To do this, click on the “Feedback” button on your dashboard and choose “Request feedback from”. From here, you will be able to choose the individual you’d like to request the feedback from and then whether you would like it about yourself or your direct report. 


See reviews you’ve written

When being asked to participate in a review cycle as a reviewer and not a participant, you will now always be able to see the feedback you have written after you submitted the review and after the review cycle has ended. To do this, navigate to the reviews section on your dashboard and locate the review cycle name. From here, select “View your response” next to the cycle name. 

Customizing review launch email notifications

We made two important updates to customizing the launch email notification for kicking off your review cycle. You can now see how many people the email will go out to. 

You can also email yourself a preview of the email prior to sending it to those individuals. 


Direct reports can change their 1:1 time

When an employee has a 1:1 scheduled with their manager, they can now update the time from their Lattice account. To do this, click into “Plan next 1:1” on your profile page. From here,you can edit the time of the 1:1 in the bottom right-hand corner.

1:1 Admin Panel

We released our 1:1 admin panel this week. Admins now have visibility into who is using the 1:1 agenda feature, as well as access into those notes.

Adding agenda items to your 1:1 after it has started

You now can add agenda items to your 1:1 after it started and up until the time that the manager marks it as reviewed. After your 1:1 has started, you will now see the ability to add these items.


Preferred names

You now have the ability to add in a preferred name for yourself in Lattice. Both employees and administrators can make this change. To do this, click in to edit your profile and there will be a designated field to add in your preferred name.

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