We have some exciting new updates to share with you from the last few weeks!


New Org Chart

We have built a new org chart that gives you greater visibility into your entire company all in one view, as well as smoother transitions as you click through each team.


Scored Attributes

We have revamped our Final Scores feature, which we are now calling Scored Attributes. This feature is enabled during the review cycle setup and gives managers the ability to provide scores for their direct reports during the post-review process based on attributes that you designate. You can add any attribute you’d like with a customized rating scale and apply these to a specific review cycle. Once you have closed the review cycle, you will be able to view, plot, and export this information. You can read more details here

Managers closing review cycles

We have built the ability for managers to close out review cycles for their direct reports. This is an optional setting that can be enabled during the review cycle setup. If enabled, managers can close the review cycle through the Your Team tab in their review cycle hub only once all the reviews have been completed for their direct report. This will allow them to move forward with the post-review flow without having to wait for you to end the review cycle for everyone. You can read more details here

Customizing the reminder email

You can now customize the reviewer reminder email when managing your review cycle. To do this, go to Admin > Reviews > manage cycle. From within the cycle, click into the Reviewers tab and choose “Remind incompletes”. From here, you will be able to customize the email that goes out.


Enable private only individual goals

As an administrator, you can now choose if you’d only like employees to be able to create private individual goals. You can still create public company and department goals, but individuals will only be able to create private goals. To do this, go to Admin > Goals > Settings. 


Feedback Admin Audit Table

We have provided more visibility into Feedback as an admin. You now can see all submitted feedback requests, and feedback by individual, manager, and department. To get here, go to Admin > Feedback > Auditing.


1:1s Admin Audit Table

You now have more visibility into who is having 1:1s. From the audit table, you have access to all 1:1s submitted, including any public notes. You also have access to what individuals have 1:1s enabled with their managers. You also have visibility into these things by manager and department. To get here, go to Admin > 1:1s > Auditing.

Turning off 1:1s

You can now turn off 1:1s at the company level if you do not want to utilize this feature at any point in time. To do this, go to Admin > 1:1s > click on the ellipsis and choose “Hide 1:1s”. 

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