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Here's a look at what's been happening at Lattice over the last few weeks.

For Admins:


Letting employees submit and edit their reviews after the review cycle has ended

You can now reopen an individual review cycle for a reviewee once the entire cycle has ended. This will allow you to reopen any submitted reviews and/or allow incomplete reviews to be submitted for that individual. 

To do this, go to Admin > Reviews > View Results. Click into “Reviews” on the left-hand side and click on the ellipsis next to the Reviewee’s name. From here, you will be able to reopen that individual reviewee.

Once you have reopened the entire review cycle for that specific individual, you can always reopen a submitted review by following these steps. Anyone who hasn’t submitted a review for that reviewee will automatically be able to go into Lattice and fill out their incomplete review. 

To learn more about this, click here

Creating a review cycle for a specific department

You can now select an entire department as reviewees when setting up a review cycle. In the “Reviewees” section in the setup flow, you will be able to select participants by Org Chart, Department, and Individuals.

To learn more about setting up a review, click here

Reminder: You can also select reviewees for a review cycle by uploading a CSV

Ability to mass close individual review cycles while the cycle is still open

When closing out individual review cycles, you can now filter by “Completed” status and mass close out all individuals who are in a “Completed” state. 

To do this, go to Admin > Reviews > Manage cycle. Filter reviewees by “Completed”. Once you have done this, you will see an option appear to “Close filtered reviewees”.

Filtering abilities to see which managers have shared review packets with their direct reports

You can now filter by the share status on the Final Results section of the review cycle. Go to Admin > Reviews > View Results and you will see a filter section to help give you quick visibility into which managers have shared review packets with their direct reports in Lattice. 


Ability to delete 1:1 agendas

If needed, you can delete a 1:1 agenda along with any notes left. Go to Admin > 1:1s > click on the ellipsis next to the specific 1:1 agenda and choose “Delete 1:1”. 


Ability to turn off reminder email notifications to update goals

If you want to turn off Lattice reminder emails to your employees to update their goals, you can now customize this on the Goal Settings page. Go to Admin > Goals > Settings and choose “Never” in the “Update Reminder Cadence” field. 


Preferred name 

An employee’s preferred name is now shown across the Lattice platform. An employee’s preferred name can be added when editing their profile. Other employees will be able to search and view that employee by their preferred name.

For Everyone:


Providing feedback directly to managers about their direct reports

Employees can now provide “Manager only” feedback using Lattice. When they go in to give feedback, they will enter the name of the employee they want to give feedback about and then choose “Manager Only” as the visibility setting. This will send private feedback to to that employee’s manager.

 As a reminder, managers can also request private feedback about their direct reports. Either way (given or requested), this feedback will only ever be seen by the author of the feedback and the manager of that employee. 

To learn more about this, click here

One place for managers to see their feedback and private notes about direct reports

Managers now have access to all the feedback and private notes they have left about their direct reports on their Your Team page. To access these, they will  filter the Feedback and Notes section on the right-hand side to “Your notes to self”. 

Product Refresher (for Admins):


Allowing managers of managers to have access into Reviews and Updates for their indirect reports

As a reminder, you can allow managers of managers to access both Reviews and Updates for indirect reports through the Permissions tab in the People section. To do this, go to Admin > People > Permissions. 

When enabling this, managers of managers can navigate to their indirect report’s Lattice page and be able to view any Updates they have submitted, as well as any feedback they have left or been given in a review cycle. 

Here is more information on top down visibility for Reviews and Updates

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