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Here’s what we’ve been working on over over at Lattice in the last few weeks!

For Admins


Reporting for Scored Attributes

If you enable scored attributes during the review cycle setup, you will now see an enhanced reporting dashboard when viewing the results of the review cycle. 

You will have visibility into the overall scores for all reviewees in the review cycle, as well average scores across managers and departments. We will also show you how each individual’s scores and manager/department averages compare to the overall scores across the review cycle. Finally, all views of the data can be easily exported to CSV for any custom analysis that you may want to do. 

To learn more about our updated reporting capabilities, click here

Proactive alerts when creating a review cycle

On the Verify section of the review cycle setup, you will now see highlighted sections notifying you about employees who may not have a manager listed in Lattice, who may not be assigned to a department, or who have not registered their account yet. Remember, if an employee hasn't been invited into the system yet, we will not send them any email notifications. To ensure they are being notified about the review, you will want to at least make sure you've sent them the initial invite.  

If any of these things need to be updated, we’ve provided quick links to take you to the appropriate sections in Lattice to do so.

Note: we will always save a draft of your review setup. So, don’t worry if you exit out to make a change, you will be able to enter back into the flow and continue your setup from that point forward. 


Exporting your company org chart

You can now download a CSV for your company. This will give you insight into all employees, titles, departments, and managers. From here, you can make any changes and re-upload into the system. 

Choosing an individual’s department from within their profile

When editing an employee’s profile, you now have the ability to select their department. To do this, go to Admin > People > click on the ellipsis next to the employee’s name and choose “Edit Profile”. From here, you will see the department selector. 

Product Refresher (for Admins)

Scored Attributes

Our Scored Attributes feature is a great way for you to ask managers to rate each of their direct reports on custom attributes. This feature allows you to create and customize the name, description, and rating scale of a specific attribute.

After the review cycle ends, managers will be asked to provide ratings for each of their employees. Those scores are only visible to the manager and admins. This information gives you great insight into your entire company through our new reporting capabilities mentioned above. 

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