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Here is what’s been happening over at Lattice:

For Admins


Close out a review cycle without sending emails and/or tasks

When you close a review cycle in Lattice, we notify managers through email to go into Lattice and make sure they review and release the review results to their direct reports. This is the last and most important step of the entire review cycle. As a reminder, here’s how the post-review process works in Lattice.

However, if you want to end a review cycle without notifying managers or creating a task for them in Lattice, you can now do so. When you click “End review cycle,” there is an advanced options feature that will let you determine which type of communication you’d like to go out to your managers, if any. 

Changing templates for a created review cycle during peer nomination

We know that things can change and we want to make it easy when they do. You now have the ability to change out a review template during the peer nomination phase prior to launching your review cycle.

To do this, go to Admin > Reviews > Manage peer selection. Click on “Create Cycle” on the left-hand side and go into “Reviewers”. From here, you can add in a new template. If you need to switch out the manager template, click into “Managers Role” and you will have the ability to do so. 

If you just need to make a quick tweak to an existing template, your best option is to duplicate the template you initially used, make the tweak, and then add the new template into the cycle using the steps above. To ensure you don’t create extra templates you don’t need, you can go back into the original template and delete it. 

Product Refresher (for Admins)

Ability to mass close individual review cycles while the cycle is still open

If you are ready to close out the review cycle, but there are a few people who need to finish, you can mass close the review cycle for just those completed individuals. This will keep the cycle open for those who need to finish, but your managers can begin reviewing and sharing the results for those who are finished. 

To do this, go to Admin > Reviews > Manage cycle. Filter reviewees by “Completed”. Once you have done this, you will see an option appear to “Close filtered reviewees”. 

Lattice Reviews Webinar

This week, we hosted our first webinar training covering the Lattice reviews tool. We went in depth covering the functionality of our reviews product, as well as best practices for launching your review cycle. 

Check it out here! 

Be on the lookout for an email from us on when the next webinar will happen.

PS - Have specific features that you’d like us to cover in a webinar series? Reply to this email and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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