Happy Friday and we hope you have all had a great week. As always, we are eager to share our latest product releases with you below. 

But first, we are excited to announce a new webinar we will be hosting this month and we hope you will join us! We will be discussing how to create a feedback culture for your company using Lattice with our CEO, Jack Altman. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, July 18th from 9:30-10am PST. To sign up, click here

For Admins


Enabling goals in the org chart

You can now enable goals to be seen in the org chart. To turn this on, go to Admin > Goals > Settings and click the toggle next to “Allow Goals to be displayed within the Org Chart”.

For more information on turning this on, click here


Filter by date range when exporting Updates

When viewing Updates from the admin view, you now have the ability to filter by a custom date range. This will allow you to export based on a specific date range, as well as view metrics, such as participation, based on that date range.

For Everyone


Displaying more dates in Updates

We now provide more visibility around which dates your update is referring to. Once you publish your update, we will show a timestamp on the bottom of the update, as well as the specific date range that update applies to. 

Product Refresher for Admins/Managers


Enabling Updates

Updates must be first bve turned on for each employee in Lattice. Updates can be enabled by the manager or the admin. If an employee transfers teams, the new manager must go into the Your Team page and enable the tool again for the new reporting relationship.  

Update reminders

You can set a reminder in Lattice for employees to complete their Update. This can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. As a reminder, even if you set the email reminder to go out on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, we will still allow an employee to complete an update each week. If they never complete an update for a specific week, we will just remove that blank update from the system.

If an employee fills out their update prior to the email reminder you set up, they will not receive an email from us. 

Using Updates

Once Updates are turned on, employees can start submitting them to their manager on a weekly basis. Each week (on Sunday evening), we will create a new update in Lattice for that employee to fill out. 

If an employee misses a week, we will always allow them to fill out an update for the prior week and the current week. 

Once an update has been submitted, managers can comment on them and mark them as reviewed. This will notify the employee that the update has been read and allow open dialogue between the manager and the employee on any of the content provided.

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