Happy Friday! As always, we are really excited to share with you our most recent product releases.

Before we do though, we wanted to take a minute to just say, "thanks". Most of these product developments are coming directly from your feedback. So, this is our way of showing our appreciation and to ask you all to keep the feedback coming. We are listening!

For Admins


Scored Attributes now a part of the manager template

When using Scored Attributes in a review cycle, they will now be displayed at the bottom of the manager template during the review cycle. As a reminder, these scores are completed by the manager and only visible to you and the manager. However, we changed the workflow so that managers now fill these out during the cycle, instead of after the cycle has been closed. 

Calibration for Scored Attributes

Once your managers have completed their scores, we now support the ability for you to calibrate as a company and re-upload the calibrated scores into Lattice.

If you want to use calibration, you can enable it during the Reviews setup flow in the Manager's role section. 

Once it’s live, your managers will fill out their scores, you can export all the scores, calibrate internally, and then re-upload the calibrated scores. When the review packet is shared with an employee, they will see their calibrated score only.

If you have any specific questions about this feature, you can check out more information here

Ability to edit Scored Attributes during the review cycle

If you use Scored Attributes and need to change the name or description for any reason while the review cycle is active, you can do this by going to Admin > Attributes > click on “Edit” next to the attribute name. 


Visibility into full goal titles on You page

When viewing goals on your profile page, we now will show the entire goal title to allow easier navigation and visibility into the goals you are working on.


Updating an employee's manager

If you need to change an employee's manager, this can now be done directly from editing their profile. Go to Admin > People > click on the ellipsis next to the employee's name > click on "Edit profile".

Here's more information on this. 

Product Refresher for Admins

Updates vs. 1:1s

Wondering how to best utilize Lattice for 1:1s? Here’s some tips and tricks regarding the difference between our Updates and 1:1s tools and how to best utilize them. 

Webinar Update

What’s new at Lattice (Q2)?

Last week, we hosted a webinar showing off all our new product updates from Q2. Didn’t get a chance to attend? No problem. Here’s a recording for you to enjoy!

(Upcoming) Review cycle analytics

Come join us to learn how you can transform your performance review content into quantitative insights! We will go over Calibration, Weighted Scoring, Scored Attributes, and Reporting Views.

When: August 22nd at 9:30am PT
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Customer Referral Program

Don’t forget to send your friends over to Lattice so both of you can enjoy dinner on us!

Customer Research Request

External Reviewers

We are building out our Reviews product within Lattice to allow companies to solicit feedback from external reviewers.

Are you interested in this feature? If so, please respond back and we would love to set up a 15 minute phone call with you to discuss your feedback on how you'd like to best see this work!

Thanks in advance!

Lattice Customer Experience

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