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Don’t forget to read all the way to the bottom (it won’t take too long!) so you can see more details on our next product webinar (spoiler alert: it’s on review analytics). 

For Admins


Weighted Scores

We now offer the ability for you to provide a finalized weighted score to your employee in a review cycle. You will be able to export all the scores from the cycle, calculate the score based on your custom weighted scale, and then re-import them into Lattice to be shared with the employee in their review packet (or . not-shared, you get to decide). To use weighted scoring, enable the feature in the Scores section of the review setup flow. 

To learn more about how to use Weighted Scores, click here.

Ability to share Scored Attributes in the employee review packet

If you set up Scored Attributes and would like to make them visible to your employees, you can now do this from the Deliverables section of the review setup flow.

To learn more about Scored Attributes, click here

Note: Right now, if their are multiple scores, you can choose for managers to share all of the scores or none of the scores. However, we are working on allowing you to choose which scores are shared with the employee - which should be available before the end of September. We will send an update out on this when it's live!

Ability for employees to self-nominate to review another peer

During the peer selection process, we now have the option for an employee who is being reviewed in that cycle to nominate themselves to review another peer also included in that cycle. 

You can enabled this feature in the “Reviewers” section of the review setup flow under "Advanced Settings".  

To learn more about how the process works, click here


New Admin Navigation

We input a new navigation into the Admin view for easier access into the different areas of the platform. You’ll see we brought Platform up to the top, so you can quickly jump into your People and Company settings. Below that will be all the tools in our Performance suite (Reviews, Goals, Updates, 1:1s, and Feedback). 

Company values can be input in the Company section

If you want to enter your company values into Lattice so they can be visible to employees and attached to the Feedback tool, you can now enter these by going to Admin > Company > Values.

Enabling and disabling tools 

If you want to enable or disable a tool from being visible in your Lattice account, you can do this by clicking into the "Settings" section of the tool and using the toggle at the bottom of the screen. 

You can re-enable the tool by following the same steps. 

Admin impersonation

We now offer the ability for admins to help employees troubleshoot their questions by being able to log into a view-only version of their account. To do this, go to Admin > People > click on the ellipsis next to an employee’s name and choose “Login as user”.

To learn more about this feature, click here


Week added to Updates for Admin visibility

When viewing Updates for your employees as an admin, we now include the date across the top of the update so it’s easy for you to identify which week that update was for:

For Everyone

Multiple people in Slack

Employees can now give public praise in Slack to multiple people at once. To do this, they will follow the same process of using the custom command “/praise @[employee name] @[employee name]...”. They can give public praise to up to 6 people at once. 

Help Center organized by tool

You will see that we have a new and improved Help Center! The information is now sorted for you by specific tool. Once you click into the tool you want to learn more about, you will see the audience indicated so you can scroll to the right section for you. 

Product Refresher for Admins


How to reopen a review (active cycle)

As a quick reminder, you can always re-open a review to be edited during an active review cycle. 

To do this, go to Admin > Reviews > Manage cycle. Go into the Reviewers tab, search for the employee who wrote the review, and click on their name. On the right-hand side, you will see a list of all the reviews they have written. Choose "Edit" next to the relevant section and you will see a red "Reopen" appear.

For more details on this process, click here

How to reopen a review (closed cycle)

If you've closed a review cycle but you need to reopen a review for someone, you can do this too. Go to Admin > Reviews > View results. Click on "Reviews" on the left-hand side and search for the name of the person that the review was written about. You'll need to first add them back into the review cycle by clicking on the ellipsis next to their name and choosing "Reopen reviewee". 

Once you do this, then you can click on their name and their list of reviewers will show up on the right. From here, you can choose "Edit" next to the relevant review section and open the review for the individual. 

For more detail on this process, click here

Webinar Update

What’s new at Lattice (Q2)?

A few weeks ago, we hosted a webinar showing off all our new product updates from Q2. Didn’t get a chance to attend? No problem. Here’s a recording for you!

(Upcoming) Review cycle analytics

Come join us to learn how you can transform your performance review content into quantitative insights! We will go over Calibration, Weighted Scoring, Scored Attributes, and Reporting Views.

When: August 22nd at 9:30am PT
Sign up here

(Ongoing) Employee & Manager Lattice Training 

We now offer morning and afternoon sessions (twice a month on Thursday) that provide your managers and employees with everything they need to know about navigating the Lattice platform.

Check out the upcoming times and sign up here

Customer Referral Program

If you have friends you think would love Lattice, make sure to click the link below and refer them over. You both will receive a $100 OpenTable gift card if they sign up.

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