Happy Friday! As we are getting closer to Q4, we are continuing to build out or Reviews tool to ensure you are able to run the best end of year review possible. Check out below for our latest product releases.

Don’t forget to take a peak at our upcoming webinars below! In a few weeks, we will be deep diving into our Manager Tools and sharing some best practices around how your managers can successfully use them.

For Admins


Manager summaries visible in the Reviews Export

When exporting the data for your review cycle, we have now added a column to the export so you can see all your managers’ summaries when viewing the data.

To export your review, go to Admin > Reviews > Manage cycle/View results > Export all results.

As a reminder, we show you drafted reviews in the export too. You will see a column in the export titled “Submitted” so you can see who has drafted their reviews but not submitted them yet.

Share only the Manager Summary in a review packet

When setting up your review cycle, you can choose for a manager to fill out a review template and write final summary remarks. Now, when sharing the review packet, you can choose to have just those summary remarks shared with the employee.

To enable this setting in the review cycle setup flow, go to the Deliverables section and choose “Only share the manager's summary of reviews written about their direct report.”.

Add up to 20 Scored Attributes in a review cycle

You can now add up to 20 custom Scored Attributes when setting up a review cycle. To create your attributes, go to Admin > Reviews > Scored Attributes.

Once you’ve entered the attributes, you can add them in the review cycle setup flow in the Scores section.

Ability to share specific Scored Attributes in a review packet

Once you’ve added scores to a review cycle, you can choose whether you would like those visible to the employee when they receive their review packet. You can make all scores visible or just specific ones. To choose the visibility settings, go to the Deliverables section in the review cycle setup flow and toggle on which attributes you would like shared.

We will make sure to reflect those visibility settings when a manager is filling out their review template.

Product Refresher For Admins

Calibration for Scored Attributes

When adding Scored Attributes as part of your review cycle, we have the ability for you to calibrate these scores before closing out the review cycle. 

To turn on calibration, navigate to the Scores section of the review cycle setup flow and check the box next to Calibration.

How this works is once all of your managers have input scores for the review cycle, you can end the cycle and move to the calibration step. Here, you can download all the scores into an excel sheet. You can then hold your calibration meeting with your managers and if any of those scores change, just add them into the excel sheet. Re-upload the scores into Lattice when you're ready!

Once you've done this, we will show the original scores, the calibrated scores, and the difference so you can have clear insights into how things have changed. 

If the score is visible to employees in their review packet, they will only see the final calibrated score. 

For more information on setting this up and going through the calibration process, click here.

Webinar Update

Review cycle analytics

A few weeks ago we talked about how you can transform your performance review content into quantitative insights! We spent time diving into Calibration, Weighted Scoring, Scored Attributes, and Reporting Views.

Didn't get a chance to make it? No problem! Check it out here

(Upcoming) Empower Your Team with Manager Tools

In this webinar, we will be speaking about both Updates and the new and improved 1:1. We will talk about the differences between each of the tools, how to configure them, and why they are a powerful tool for your workforce.

When: September 26th at 9:30am PT
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(Ongoing) Employee & Manager Lattice Training 

We now offer morning and afternoon sessions (twice a month on Thursday) that provide your managers and employees with everything they need to know about navigating the Lattice platform.

Check out the upcoming times and sign up here

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