Over the last quarter, we’ve spent a lot of time improving our 1:1s tool for your managers and their direct reports. We are super excited about the changes and hope your employees enjoy them as much as we do.

Below, you'll find a list of all our product changes. Please feel free to forward along to your managers too!

Lastly, if you missed our live webinar today on Empowering Your Team With Manager Tools, check it out here.

For Admins:

Set recurring talking points for all 1:1s

Admins can set recurring 1:1 talking points for every manager who has a 1:1 enabled in Lattice. To set the talking points, go to Admin > 1:1s > Settings:

Reporting on participation

To get an idea of who is using the 1:1s tool, we provide reporting into participation by employee, manager, and department. To view the metrics, go to Admin > 1:1s > Auditing. From here, you can click between the different categories to see who has 1:1s enabled, who is participating in them, and which managers are marking them as complete when the meeting is over.

Note: what does "participation" mean? We consider participation adding at least one talking point and/or one note in the agenda.

For Managers:

Here's a quick tutorial that walks managers through how to turn on and use 1:1s with their direct reports. 

Turn on 1:1s

Managers can sync the Lattice 1:1 tool over to an existing recurring calendar event they already have scheduled with their direct report. For more information on how to sync 1:1s to your calendar, click here

Managers can also manually set a meeting time in Lattice, which will allow them to choose the date, time, and frequency of the meeting. 

Set recurring talking points for specific direct reports

Managers can set recurring talking points for each employee on their team. They can set these when initially setting up the 1:1 for their direct report.

They can change them at any time by clicking on “Configure” in the top-right hand corner when viewing their next 1:1. 

Reorder talking points

Once talking points have been added to the agenda, managers can move them around so that they can prioritize the discussion.

Comment on talking points

Managers can now add specific comments for each talking point to help keep the agenda organized and add notes to the appropriate topics.

Take notes throughout the meeting

For any other general notes that need to be documented from the meeting, the manager has a public/shared note section that is seen by the employee (the employee can create shared notes too). The manager can also document private notes that are only visible to themselves.

For Employees:

Change the time of the meeting

For meeting times that have been manually created, both the manager and employee can be responsible for updating that meeting time as needed. The employee can go into the meeting agenda from their You page and click on "Change time".

Talking points

Similar to managers, employees have the ability to add talking points, reorder talking points, and comment on specific talking points before, during, and after the meeting.

Note taking

Employees can also document their notes (publicly and privately) throughout the meeting.

We hope you enjoy all of our new features! If you are interested in learning more about the 1:1s tool and/or set up training for your team, please reach out to us directly and we would be happy to help.

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