Happy Friday! Q3 is coming to an end and we are excited to tell you about our last batch of product updates for this quarter. Make sure you read below to learn about our mobile app for IOS and Android.

If you missed any of our updates this quarter or just want a recap of everything we’ve built, check out our upcoming webinar “What’s new in Q3?” on October 10th at 9:30am PT. You can sign up here!

For Admins


Updated review cycle setup flow

We’ve made a few changes to the review cycle setup flow to help simply the process of setting up your review. Here’s an overview of the changes:

  • All reviewer directions live in the “Reviewers” section, including the manager
  • Review settings is where you can: select your peer selection settings, set ordering of the review, and determine visibility for the manager during the review cycle
  • Deliverables is where you can: set visibility of review templates in the review packet, determine if scores should be visible in the review packet, and decide if managers should be able to end review cycles

Duplicate a review cycle

You can duplicate a review cycle by clicking on the ellipsis next to the review cycle name and choosing "Duplicate review cycle".

Just go through and confirm each of the steps and you can launch the cycle.


Duplicate a survey

You can duplicate a survey by clicking on the ellipsis next to the survey name and choosing "Duplicate this survey".

For Everyone:


Android and IOS App

The Lattice mobile app is now available for both Adroid and IOS. Check out our article here for more information.


Updated review cycle task to show progress bar

The “Perform review” task now has a progress bar to make it very easy for an employee to know how far along they are in the process.

Rich text editing in Reviews

Employees can now use rich-text editing within the review flow to help format and organize their responses to reviews. 

Product Refresher For Admins


Goal tagging

We offer goal tagging as a way to organize different views of goals in Lattice determined by you. To set up a goal tag, go to Admin > Goals > Settings. 

Once you've set up the tag, any employee can apply the tag when creating a goal. Once goals start to be tagged, you can view them in a few different places: 

  • Company Goals page - this will show any public tagged goals
  • Admin auditing table - this will show both public and private tagged goals

A couple great ways that companies are using goal tagging is to align goals with company initiatives, to create smaller teams or sub-departments, or organize cross-functional initiatives.

If you have any questions about how to use goal tagging, please reach out to us directly. 

Webinar Update

Empower Your Team with Manager Tools

In this webinar, we talked about Updates and the new and improved 1:1s. If you missed it, check out the recording here

(Upcoming) What's new in Q3?

We've been working hard to make Lattice better for you! Join us for an overview of all the new features that we shipped during Q3.

When: October 10th @ 9:30am PT
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(Ongoing) Employee & Manager Lattice Training 

We now offer morning and afternoon sessions (twice a month on Thursday) that provide your managers and employees with everything they need to know about navigating the Lattice platform.

Check out the upcoming times and sign up here

Customer Referral Program

If you have friends you think would love Lattice, make sure to click the link below and refer them over. You both will receive a $100 OpenTable gift card if they sign up.

Lattice Customer Experience

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