If an Admin has enabled External Feedback, you (as a Manager) will have the ability to request feedback in Lattice from clients, partners, and associates outside of your organization. This tool can be useful if your direct report is collaborating with an individual outside of Lattice, and you would like to receive some feedback as to how they are performing. 

To Request External Feedback 

Step 1: Navigate to the Feedback pop up.
You can request feedback from many places within Lattice, such as the "You" page (shown below). Simply click on the feedback bubble anywhere within Lattice. This can be found on the "You" page, any other employee profile, the "Your Team" page, and the "Company" page.

Step 2: Click on the Feedback icon, and from the drop-down menu, click "Request feedback from"

Step 3: Under "Who do you want to ask for feedback?" type the email address of the person you want feedback from 

Please note: Users have the option to choose either "Manager Only" or

"Private + Manager" visibility for external feedback.

Step 4: COPY the private link given and SEND it to the person you would like to give external feedback

This link will take them to a page similar to that shown below, where they can then submit feedback: 

Employees Requesting External Feedback for Themselves

Admins can also turn on functionality within their Feedback settings to allow employees to request their own external feedback for themselves. To do this, simply navigate to your Feedback Settings tab in your admin panel, and select the check box under "External Feedback".

Once you have enabled this functionality, employees will be able to use the feedback module to request external feedback on themselves, by inputting an email address and selecting themselves in the "Who is the feedback about?" field.

After External Feedback Has Been Given

After external feedback has been given, the manager can access it by going to their "Your Team" page found in the top navigation bar. Under "Feedback and Notes" they will see all feedback (external and internal) given about their team. 

One of the best uses for external feedback is in review cycles! When filling out your manager template or summary, you can view all feedback given to your direct report and take that information into account (as shown below).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do external feedback links ever expire?
A: No, but you can delete an external feedback request. Go to the You page of the feedback recipient, sort by "pending requests", click the ellipses next to the type of feedback and then click "cancel request."

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