The questions in this diversity and inclusion survey were developed in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley Social Sciences Department. All questions are rated on a Likert scale (strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, and strong agree) unless otherwise noted. 

What does the diversity and inclusion survey measure?

  • Diversity climate
  • Feeling valued
  • Fit and belonging
  • Psychological safety
  • Fairness
  • Open-ended

Questions (Theme)

1. I feel like I belong in this company. (Fit and belonging)

2. I can be myself at work. (Fit and belonging)

3. At work, my unique skills and talents are valued and utilized. (Feeling valued) 

4. At work, my opinions seem to count. (Feeling valued)

5. If you make a mistake on this team, it is not held against you. (Psychological safety)

6. Members of this team are able to bring up problems and tough issues. (Psychological safety)

7. This company strives to recruit from diverse sources. (Diversity climate)

8. This company makes sure that the opinions and input of individuals from different backgrounds are heard. (Diversity climate)

9. Senior leadership in this company are visibly committed to diversity. (Diversity climate)

10. My performance is evaluated fairly. (Fairness)

11. People from all backgrounds have equal opportunity to succeed at this company. (Fairness)

12. What's something that we can do to make this company a more diverse and inclusive place? (Open-ended questions)

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