Tasks for reviews are created at the various phases of the review cycle. Here are all tasks that you might see for a review cycle:

  1. Select peer reviewers (only shown if the review cycle includes peer selection)
  2. Approve peer nominations (only shown if the review cycle includes peer selection)
  3. Perform your reviews
  4. View your calibration groups
  5. Finalize review packets
  6. View and confirm receiving feedback

Select peer reviewers

If your review cycle includes peer reviews the first task you will receive is to "Select peer reviewers."  You will get this task in two different scenarios depending on how your admin has your review settings configured. 

  1. You are an employee in a review cycle where you can nominate your own peers pending manager approval.
  2. You are a manager in a review cycle where managers select peers for their direct reports

If you select the task and are an employee that will nominate their own peers it will take you to a page similar to this:

Or if you're a manager that needs to select peers for your direct reports it will bring you to a page similar to this:

Approve peer nominations

If you're a manager and your review cycle is set to allow employees to nominate their own peers, you will receive a task to "Approve peer nominations" for your direct reports.

When "Approve nominations" is clicked it will take you to a page where you can see who your direct reports have nominated and manage as necessary.  

*The following tasks will be created regardless of how your review cycle settings are selected.*

Perform your reviews

When it's time to begin writing your reviews you will receive a notification to "Perform your reviews." 

From here it will take you into the section where you are able to complete your reviews:

View your calibration groups

If you have been included to be included in the calibration process and have a calibration group shared with you by the admin you will get a task to "view your calibration groups" 

From here you will be taken into the calibration section of the review cycle with the information that the admin has chosen to share with you.

Finalize review packets

Once the review cycle is ended, the review packet sharers ( who the majority of the time and by default is the manager) will get a task to "Finalize review packets" 

From here you will be able to share reviews with your direct reports (or other individuals that you are responsible for sharing with).

View and confirm receiving your review packet.

Lastly, once a manager shares with his direct reports, the direct reports will get a task to "View and confirm receiving your review packet." 

Once "view packet" is selected you will be taken to a section where you can confirm that you have received your packet and view it.

Note: Task Due Dates

If your review cycle is running on a timeline, the tasks that appear on an employee's You page will display due dates.  These due dates correspond to when the review cycle will move on to its next stage as pre-set by the Admin.

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