When employees updates their goals, you can easily track their status by understanding the progress bars and statuses of each goal.

When will I see Progress Bars vs Statuses?

In Lattice, for all #, $, and % goals, you will always see a status bar with % to completion. 

For all binary Goals with no key results, you will see a written status. This written status will correspond to what was selected by the employee on their last goal update (Off Track, Progressing, and On Track)

For binary Goals with at least one key result (OKR format), you will also see a status bar with % to completion. Each key result will be treated as an equal % towards the goal. For example, if you have a binary Goal with 3 key results, completing one key result will mark the Goal 33% completed. Lattice shows the progress bar for binary goals with key results to align with the OKR framework. We want to be able to highlight the average progress on goals by treating each key result as a % to completion.

Understanding Goal Progress Bars and Statuses

Active Goal Statuses

When employees update their goals, they are prompted to pick a status for how they think they are performing on the goal. The statuses are as follows:

"On Track" typically means that the employees feels good about where the goal is at and they think they will be able to accomplish the goal.

"Progressing" typically means that the goal is moving forward, but the employee is not 100% confident they will be able to accomplish everything in the goal. They may however be able to get the goal back on track.

"Off Track" typically means the employee is not feeling good about where the goal is at and they will most likely not be able to accomplish the full goal.

Goal Progress Bars

In your Progress Bars, the color of the actual highlighted progress corresponds the the status the employee chose in their last Goal update.

Green = "On Track"

Yellow = "Progressing"

Red = "Off Track"

Ended Goal Statuses 

When an employee is finished working on a goal, they will have two options for marking the goal "ended":


An employee might want to mark a goal as complete if they've finished progress on the goal or they have made significant progress on the goal. This is how the completed goal will look on the Goal Explorer Page:


An employee might mark a goal as incomplete if they made little to no progress on their goal. This is how an incomplete goal will look on the goal Explorer Page:

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