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You are now a department head in Lattice! As a department head you will be able to create department goals in Lattice by following these instructions.

We will be using Lattice for our company goal setting. Each quarter, we will enter the company and department goals. This will provide employees full transparency into what’s being worked on at the company. After setting high level goals, managers and reports work together to set individual goals that are directionally aligned with the company and department goals.

(Example OKR language)
In terms of quarterly goal setting, we're going to use OKRs (objectives and key results) as our goal setting method, which is simply a structured way to write goals. OKRs are useful because they emphasize focus on measurability, transparency, and alignment, which are all things we want to promote at [COMPANY]. These goals will help us provide clarity around our priorities as a company and give teams more visibility into how their work effectively ties into that.

Ideas when thinking about department goals:

  • What are the things your department is working on that could be most impactful to [COMPANY] overall?
  • What goals can you set to drive the most success for your team? If you have any questions about Lattice, please reach out to your manager or [X].


What's Next?

For additional email and presentation deck templates be sure to check out our Change Management Hub in Lattice University.

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