When launching Lattice to your company, it is important to make three key points to your team:

  1. What are you doing? (Launching Lattice)
  2. Why are you doing it?
  3. What expectations have you set for your employees?

With that in mind, here is a sample email format that you can use to introduce your employees to Lattice:

Hi [All],

We are very excited to announce our launch of Lattice, our new people management system. In an effort to continually improve our Performance process, we will begin using Lattice to help us set clear goals that are aligned with our team and company objectives, give ongoing Feedback, which allows you to praise your peers, celebrate wins together or ask for and provide constructive feedback, and utilize manager tools like 1:1s and Updates, which will help facilitate conversation between and employee and manager. Finally, we will start running our annual Review cycle through Lattice. Review cycles are meant to help team members know how they are performing, so that they can take steps to enhance their professional development even further. Within Lattice, we will be using the following tools:

  • Reviews
  • Goals
  • Manager tools (Updates and 1:1s)
  • Feedback
  • Surveys

[Tools Overview(s)]
To find sample tool specific launch emails, click here!

[Next Steps]
Next Steps:

  • You will be receiving an invite email from Lattice on [X]. Please register your account by [X].
  • We will be scheduling training sessions to learn more about the platform on [X]. Please sign up for one of the sessions [here].
  • After the training, your manager will be following up to schedule a meeting with you the week of [X].
  • Please input your individual goals by [X].
  • Download the Gmail/Outlook plug-in.
  • Subscribe to our new Slack channel [X].
  • (Managers) Please schedule your 1:1 meetings through Lattice by [X].
  • (Managers) Please enable Updates for your employees by [X].

If you have any questions about Lattice, please reach out to your manager or [X].


What's Next?

For additional email and presentation deck templates be sure to check out our Change Management Hub in Lattice University.

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