Lattice gives full access admins the ability to impersonate their colleagues. This feature is meant to help admins assist fellow colleagues with Lattice navigation, functionality, and troubleshooting. 

How to impersonate 

Admin > People > Employees > Ellipsis [three dots] to the right of their name > Login as user

Admins will see a blue banner on the top of the page letting them know that they're impersonating, who they're logged in as, that they have read-only access, and a log out button. 

Once they are done impersonating, they should Log out to get back into their personal account: 

A few things to keep in mind

  • All impersonations are logged on the Impersonations tab. To get to the Impersonations tab, go to Admin > People > Impersonations:
  • Admin Impersonation is a read-only impersonation. Admins cannot make any changes or take any actions on behalf of the user. Please note: you cannot complete a review on someone's behalf through an Admin impersonation. While you have the ability to type in a review, this will only be visible to yourself and it will not be submittable.
  • Admins are blocked off from seeing surveys, private 1:1 notes and notes to self. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it possible to give someone read-only access to a demo account? For example, if a new admin joins the team and wants to learn the Lattice system?
A: Yes! Please get in touch with the Customer Care team at [email protected]

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