At Lattice we understand that not all parts of a review are treated equally. With weighted scoring, Admins can export their review data, weigh it offline, and then enter a final score for each reviewee directly in Lattice (or use a CSV to upload them for all reviewees en masse).

How to Turn on Weighted Scoring

Step 1: Navigate to the "Admin" tab found on the top navigation bar

Step 2: On the left Administration panel, select "Reviews"

Step 3: Create new cycle

Step 4: Proceed through the settings until you reach the Scores page

Step 5: Click on the toggle button to enable weighted scores (when it's blue they're enabled)

Adding Weights to Scores (With Calibration)

If you have turned on both calibration and weighted scoring, you can now enter your weighted scores within the platform! 

Note: If you have turned on weighted scoring and not calibration, follow the workflow for "Adding Weights to Scores (With No Calibration)".

Step 1: Close the review cycle to kick off the calibration and weighted scoring process process

To do this, navigate to the "Admin" panel, click on "Reviews," click into the specific review cycle, and then click the "End review and calibrate" button.

Step 2: Within the "Scores and Calibration" Section, click on "Get Started"

Note: you can find more detailed instructions for how to calibrate scores here.

Step 3: Within the Calibration window, scroll to the right until you see the "Weighted" column. Enter each reviewee's score in the textbox.

Note: weighted scores can be any real number.

You are also able to upload your weighted scores via CSV. Click on the "CSV" icon in the top right corner, and then click "Download scores".

Once you have entered scores into your CSV, click on the "CSV" icon again, and click "Upload scores". Lastly, upload your spreadsheet to populate calibrated and weighted scores in Lattice. 

Adding Weights to Scores (With No Calibration)

If you've enabled weighted scores without scored attributes or calibration, you'll see the Scoring page shown below after ending your review cycle.

Click the "Create weighted scores" button to get started. Download the template and add your weighted scores to the CSV spreadsheet. When you're finished, head back into the review and use the "Upload weighted scores" button to upload your completed template and add your scores to the review cycle.

  • The Review data will be an export of all information that was collected in the review cycle.
  • The template will be what you upload back into Lattice to created your weighted score.

Weighted Score Calculation

As an admin, it's up to you to determine how you want to weigh each piece of the review cycle, and how you want to calculate the final scores. After you have analyzed all of your review data, you will put the final score for each reviewee into the template and upload it to Lattice.

Employees' weighted scores can be any number. This mean positive, negative, and decimals will be accepted into Lattice.

Viewing Weighted Scores 

After the weighted scores have been added to Lattice, you will be able to view them in the Scores section of your review cycle.

You can toggle between three different tabs on this page. The individuals tab will display their actual score. The Managers and Departments tabs will show the average score for all employees in the review cycle that belong to that group compared to the average score for everyone in the review cycle.

And that's it - good job! You're now ready to end scoring and begin sharing results.

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