At Lattice, we realize that not all managers score their employees during review cycles in the same way. In order to help the Admin make sure that all employees are rated in a consistent manner, we have built a tool for scoring calibration.

What is Calibration?

Calibration helps ensure that employees being reviewed are all evaluated together, on the same scale.

How to Add Calibration to Your Review Cycle

Step 1: Navigate to the Admin tab.

Step 2: Under "Reviews" click on "Auditing" and create a review cycle to include calibration.

When enabling scored attributes, you have the ability to enable calibration for the review cycle by toggling on "Calibration" in the "Scores" tab.

How to Calibrate Scores

Calibrate directly within Lattice

Step 1: Close the review cycle to kick off the calibration process by clicking on "End review and calibrate" in the "Reviews" section.

Step 2: Within the "Scores and Calibration" Section, click on "Get Started" 

Step 3: In the calibration window, add your calibrated score under the "Calibrated" column by selecting from the dropdown scores. Continue to scroll to the right until all calibrated scores have been entered.

Calibration via CSV

Steps 1 & 2: Same as above.

Step 3: Click on "CSV" and select "Download scores".

Step 4: Select "Download template" from the pop-up context panel to receive all manager scores in a CSV.

Step 5: Fill out the "Calibrated ..." columns of the CSV with the adjusted values for your reviewees' scored attributes.

Please note that calibrated scores have to be whole numbers. They cannot be decimals.  

Step 6: Once you have filled out your calibrated scores, upload your CSV by clicking on the "CSV" button, and select "Upload scores" in the drop-down menu.

How to Filter Columns in the Calibration Table

Step 1: Click on the three bars in the top right corner.

Step 2: Select the specific views you want to see such as your pre-calibrated scores, calibrated scores, or specific scored attributes. Once you have selected your preference, click "Confirm".

How to Share Scores to Specific Employees

After creating your calibration groups, you can share a group of user's calibation data with specific employees.

Step 1: Click on the calibration group you want to share and then select "Share with..." at the top corner.

Step 2: Type in the name of the employee you want to share this view with and select their level of visibility. Then click "Share".

Lattice will offer visibility suggestions based on the filtered employee's frontline managers. This shared view will live within the employee's "Your Team" tab.

Please note that employees with this shared view can only have visibility into these scores. They are not able to add any additional calibration.

Please also note, visibility into written reviews will depend on the employee's regular permissions. To see what it looks like once a calibration view has been shared with a manager, check out this help center article here.

How to End the Scoring Phase

Once your scoring phase has been complete, click on "End Scoring" in the top right corner. 

From here, you have three options for ending the scoring phase. 

  1. Reopen manager reviews for all reviewees: This gives the managers the ability to add any additional context to their downward reviews in relation to the calibrated scores. 
  2. Reopen manager reviews for reviewees where there are changes in calibrated scores: This would reopen manager reviews for managers with direct reports whose calibrated scores differ from their pre-calibrated scores. 
  3. Continue without reopening manager reviews

Once you select one of these three options, choose whether to send a notification and go ahead and click "End Scoring"

Admins now have the ability to write different notifications to these groups of managers who do and do not have the manger reviews reopened, giving them more control over what instructions they give their managers.

Please note: You can go back and restart calibration after ending the scoring phase if additional changes are needed.

How to View Calibrated Scores

Once calibrated scores have been uploaded, under the manager and department scores you will be able to see the changes vs. the company average.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected] or by clicking on the chat icon located on the bottom right of your screen.

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