During peer selection employees who work cross-departmentally, are at the top of the org chart, or who give great feedback tend to be nominated to perform a large number of peer reviews.

Here are a few ways for Admins to help mitigate the burden of review fatigue by limiting the number of peer reviews your employees need to complete:

Step 1: Decide on a manageable number of reviews

It is important to consider that it takes about 15 mins to write each peer review.  At Lattice, we suggest no more than 2-3 peer reviewers per reviewee as best practice.  

When you're configuring your review cycle, on the Review settings page, you can set a limit for the number of peer reviewers employees or managers can nominate.

Note: this is not a limit on how many times any one person can be nominated as a peer reviewer.  Capping the number of times an individual can be nominated would result in a recency bias that favors the first reviewees/manager to nominate peers (and could result in a review where people are forced to write peer reviews that they're not best qualified for - just because they were nominated first).  

Step 2: Consider allowing peer reviewers to decline writing an approved peer review

On the review settings page pictured above, there's an additional setting to allow reviewers to decline writing an approved peer review (directly below where you set the limit).  This gives employees the autonomy to decide which reviews they are best qualified to perform, and decline giving feedback to co-workers that they don't work with closely.

You can set expectations with your employees about how many peer reviews you expect them to perform.  An example of this messaging could be, "We do not expect employees to complete more than 3 peer reviews.  If you are nominated for more than 3 peer reviews, please feel empowered to reject some nomination requests and inform that requester that you have been over-nominated. Of course, if you want to provide feedback for more than 3 peers, you are welcome to do so".

Note: if this setting is enabled, reviewers do not need manager or Admin approval to decline writing approved reviews.

Step 3: Look at the peer reviewer list 

Once you have decided what the threshold is (e.g 3 reviewer requests), look at the peer reviewer list to see who has received peer reviewer requests over your threshold (i. e who has received 3+ reviewer requests).

To access this page, enter your review cycle from the Auditing page, and then click on the "Reviewers" tab beneath the progress bar at the top of the page.

Step 4: Reach out to users who have surpassed this limit or override it yourself

You can either reach out to the individuals who have surpassed that limit, and ask them to chose who they wish to remove from your list, or make the choice yourself so their peer reviewer list is within your threshold.

Here is a video showing how Admins can peek at the full peer reviewer list in Lattice, and override those that are overloaded above the threshold you set

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]  or by clicking on the chat icon located on the bottom right of your screen.   

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