Often times, employees who are very cross-functional are at the top of the org chart or who give great feedback have the highest number of peer reviewer requests. 

An Admin can override this by following these steps:

Step 1: Decide what is a manageable number of reviews
It's important to consider that it takes about 15 mins per peer review. 

Step 2: Look at the peer reviewer list
Once you have decided what the threshold is (e.g 4 reviewer requests), look at the peer reviewer list to see who has received peer reviewer requests over your threshold (i. e who has received 5+ reviewer requests).

Step 3: Reach out to user's who have surpassed this limit or override it yourself
You can either reach out to the individuals who have surpassed that limit, and ask them to chose who they wish to remove from your list, or make the choice yourself so their peer reviewer list is within your threshold.

Here is a video showing how Admins can peek at the full peer reviewer list in Lattice, and override those that are overloaded above the threshold you set 

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