This article goes over suggested questions to ask your employees in a review. 

Strengths and areas for improvement/growth

  • Please provide feedback on this individual’s biggest strengths. 
  • What are some accomplishments that this person achieved this quarter?
  • Please provide feedback on this individual’s areas of improvement for future growth. 
  • What are two growth areas that this person should focus on to be more effective in their role?
  • What skills and areas of professional development do you think your peer should focus on?
  • How would you like to see this person grow?

Success and challenges

  • Please describe one success that you observed this person achieved.
  • Please describe one challenge that this person encountered.

Start, Stop, Continue

  • What’s one thing this person should start doing?
  • What’s one thing this person should stop doing?
  • What’s one thing this person should continue doing?
  • [Private Question] Is there anything you would like to share privately with this individual’s manager?


  • In what areas do you see the most potential for this person?


  • How well did this person perform against their goals this quarter?


  • What’s an example of something impactful that this person worked on?
  • How can this employee have more impact in their current role?
  • What are the most valuable contributions your peers make to their teams?
  • In what areas has this individual had the greatest impact on you, your team, or at the company?

Company values

  • Please provide feedback on which company values this person embodies. Please provide a specific example for each company value. 
  • Please provide one example of a company value that this person has brought to life. 
  • How has this employee performed against our company values? 
  • [List values in description]


  • [List competency] How has this person performed in this area?
  • [List competency] Please provide 3 strengths and 3 development areas observed in this area. 
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