Hi Team,

Excited to share that we’ll be kicking off our midyear 360 review cycle tomorrow at 8 AM! In advance of tomorrow’s launch, I wanted to take this time to share the details of the review cycle so you’ll know what to expect. Please feel free to ping me with questions!


  • Why are we running a midyear review cycle?: Throughout the year it’s important to take a step back to reflect on our ourselves, peers and managers. The goal here is to recognize accomplishments but also identify opportunities for improvement and growth. 
  • Review type: We’ll be running a full 360 cycle, meaning that you will be reviewing yourself, peers (who have selected you to review them), and your manager and in turn, you will receive feedback from peers (who you have selected & your manager has approved) and your manager.
  • Participants: All employees who have been employed with Lattice for more than 3 months will be participating in this cycle. Note, participation for employees who have been with Lattice for less than 3 months is optional.
  • Share settings: In the spirit of open communication, the review cycle share setting will be completely transparent, meaning that all feedback will be shared with reviewers' names attached (including peer reviews). Note, you will have the opportunity to give optional private feedback directly to a peer’s manager as well as private feedback about your manager to your manager’s manager. Additionally, we are trying something new this review cycle and we are not allowing managers to see the feedback given to their direct reports until after the cycle ends. This is designed to encourage unbiased manager feedback.


We are going to do our best to follow the timeline below so if you have travel planned within the next few weeks, please talk to your manager. You’ll be receiving automated prompt emails throughout the cycle, and I will also be sending reminders via Slack (in the Fulltime channel).

Part I: Peer selection 

  • Wednesday, June 13 at 9 AM - The 360 review cycle kicks off with peer selection: As the starting point in the review cycle, you will be asked to select a max of 3 peers to review you. If you are not sure who you should select, think of peers that you have worked with closely for at least the past quarter and who will be able to give you thoughtful, constructive feedback - so please avoid selecting your best friends :) If you have questions about who you should select, talk to your manager as they will ultimately have final editing rights.
  • Thursday, June 14 at 5 PM - Peer selection closes: All employees must have completed their peer selection. Managers can now begin the approval process.
  • Friday, June 15 at 3 PM - The manager peer selection approval period closes: In order to cut down on employees completing an excessive number of peers reviews, I will be reviewing the final peer selection numbers. I’ll contact managers & direct reports if I need to remove selections.

Part II: Write reviews

  • Friday, June 15 at 5 PM -  The review cycle is officially open: Everyone can start filling out their reviews - including managers. Again, note that managers will not be able to preview the feedback for their direct reports until the review cycle is closed.

Part III: Post-review process

  • Tuesday, June 26 at 5 PM - The review cycle ends (but actually!): Regardless of completion, the review cycle will end. At this point, managers can begin reviewing the feedback for their direct reports and writing final remarks. Managers should also begin setting up 30-minute meetings with direct reports to discuss the review results.
  • Friday, July 6 at 5 PM - all review discussions should be complete & all review packets should be shared with direct reports.

Thanks for participating everyone, excited to kick this cycle off tomorrow!


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