Below is an email that you can use to introduce your team to Lattice Feedback and why it is important. You can change the information in the email to more align with your team's launch, but make sure to answer three things in your launch email:

  1. What you are doing (Launching Lattice)
  2. Why you are doing it (To provide continuous feedback to your employees in between review cycles)
  3. Your expectations for the team (Create your account and share feedback)

Hi Team,

This year, we're going to be rolling out an employee-centric model of performance management through Lattice that focuses on helping create a culture of continuous praise and feedback. 

Lattice offers a real-time feedback tool to help build a culture of continuous feedback all year long for [COMPANY]. You can use the tool to give public praise or private feedback to anyone at the company. The Feedback tool also integrates with Slack and Gmail/Outlook, so you can give feedback directly from your email or Slack.

We want to ensure that the only time you are getting feedback isn’t during a performance review. Using this tool will ensure that there is a continuous feedback loop and then when it comes time to complete performance reviews, you will have plenty of context to make those as seamless as possible. There should never be a surprise during the performance review.

Here’s how we will be using the Feedback tool:

Giving Public Praise:

  • To thank someone for going above and beyond
  • To publicly recognize someone for their hard work
  • To give the rest of the company insight into someone’s hard work on a specific project/task

Giving Private Feedback:

  • To give direct feedback to an employee about something they can improve upon
  • To provide actionable feedback following a meeting
  • To help an employee develop in a specific area

Giving Feedback Directly to a Manager:

  • To provide direct feedback to an employee’s manager after working closely with them on a project
  • To give managers insight into how their direct reports are performing
  • To let a manager know that one of their employees is doing a great job

Requesting Feedback:

  • You should request feedback as often as possible to ensure that you have transparency into the work you are doing
  • You should request feedback when you are working closely with colleagues on a project
  • You should request feedback from your manager

We'll share more about the Feedback process in the coming weeks, but for now join our new #____ channel in Slack to start seeing and sharing public feedback.

If you have any questions about Lattice or giving feedback within Lattice please reach out to me or your manager.


What's Next?

For additional email and presentation deck templates be sure to check out our Change Management Hub in Lattice University.

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