Currently in Lattice, you can manage some of your email notifications by unsubscribing from certain emails and having your manager change the cadence of others. To unsubscribe from notifications, look for and click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Below is a list of emails that fall into either category.

If an email is not listed, you cannot change the notification settings. You may not be able to unsubscribe from certain emails because there is an action you need to take. The reason for this it that we want to make sure employees are not unsubscribing from important reminders!

Email notifications you can unsubscribe from:

  • When someone posts a comment on your goal 
  • When someone likes your goal update
  • When one of your co-owners posts an update to one of your shared goals
  • When one of your reports posts a Lattice update
  • When an update is due 
  • When someone reviews your Update

Email notifications that your manager or your admin can change the cadence on: 


Update Reminder Email: Admins or Managers (depending on your company's settings) have the ability to change the cadence at which you're asked to provide an update. 


Goal Update Reminder: Admins are able to edit the cadence at which you receive a reminder to update your goals. 


The cadence at which you receive this email is based on when your 1:1 is scheduled. If you reschedule for bi-weekly or monthly, you'll get this email at a lesser cadence:

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