Below is an email that you can use to introduce your team to Lattice Goals and why they are important. You can change the information in the email to more align with your team's launch, but make sure to answer three things in your launch email:

  1. What you are doing (Launching Lattice)
  2. Why you are doing it (Manage your teams goal setting)
  3. Your expectations for the team (Create your account and create goals)

Hi Team,

This year, we're going to be rolling out an employee-centric model of performance management through Lattice that focuses on helping people set clear goals that are aligned with the company, and on facilitating development conversations on a regular basis.

Each quarter, we will enter the company and department goals. This will provide employees full transparency into what’s being worked on at the company. After setting high level goals, managers and reports work together to set individual goals that are directionally aligned with the company and department goals.

(Example OKR language)
In terms of quarterly goal setting, we're going to use OKRs (objectives and key results) as our goal setting method, which is simply a structured way to write goals. OKRs are useful because they emphasize focus on measurability, transparency, and alignment, which are all things we want to promote at [COMPANY]. These goals will help us provide clarity around our priorities as a company and give teams more visibility into how their work effectively ties into that. Furthermore, when it's time to have performance conversations with our teams we'll have been more aligned throughout the quarter.

(Example private goals language)
In terms of quarterly goal setting, we will be using private goals for managers and employees to help ensure that you have clear direction on where your focus should be throughout the quarter. Only you and your manager will have insight into the goals, so it will allow you to openly communicate your progress and any challenges you are facing in meeting your goals.

The company and department goals will already be input into Lattice when you login for the first time. Using these, you will be setting your own individual goals with your manager for this upcoming quarter.

Ideas when thinking about your own goals:

  • What are the things you are working on that could be most impactful to [COMPANY] overall?
  • What could you do to drive the most success for your team?
  • What would you personally most like to accomplish for your own development?

We'll share more about the Goal process in the coming weeks, but for now download the Lattice Gmail plugin. You will be able to see employee's public goals from the gmail plugin.

If you have any questions about Lattice or the goal expectation, please reach out to me or your manager.



What's Next?

For additional email and presentation deck templates be sure to check out our Change Management Hub in Lattice University.

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